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Howdy Ya'll,

We's just country folk that loves to keep our hands busy makin' stuff. We figured we's all got different talents and deesires so we could make all kinds of things.

Baby dolls and soap happened to be something we's all seemed interested in and like to make. Maw keeps us all busy a makin' stuff. We think she just likes tellin' folks what to do.

Our soap is hand mixed in our own kitchen and Maw is constantly comin' up with new receipes to try but, we's always stickin' to the basic old fashioned way to make it. That's why our soap last a lot longer than that store bought fancy soap and we think it's even better too. Try it out for yourself.

That Maw is a dreamer. She's always dreaming up new baby doll idears and clever ones too. Take a look at a few of em and see what you think. We never know what Maw is a comin up with but, its always something mighty cute.

May Our Lord bless you and your loved ones.
The Maw & Me Bunch!



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