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Say Howdy!

Here at Maw & Me Crafts and Such! we feel that takin' care of our customers is real darn important. So if you need somethin', give us a holler. The preferred way is them emails, its down right amazin' how that stuff works, no stamps or nothin'!

For info about crafts and such or buyin' stuff, send email to Maw. Might as well, she claims to know it all anyhow. Maw's email address is:

Maw's Email Address

For problems with this web site, send email to Paw. He's got the knack for lectronic stuff but I wouldn't let 'im work on your car! Paw's email address is:

Paw's Email Address

If you're one of those gotta phone and gotta use it, you can call us at 865-980-3549. We're busy in the shop a lot so you may have to leave a message.

And if you're one of those who can't talk without drawing a picture or you got somethin' you think we needs to see, then you go right head and put it down on paper and fax it to us at 413-254-9224.

Or you can send us a message right now by fillin' out this form:

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