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Comfort Kids
Pattern # 113-CK

Retail price is $9.00   Buy 5 or more for only $8.00 each.   Wholesale pricing available.

Comfort Kids Our Comfort Kids are really easy to make. Recycle some of those favorite children's clothing and bring a smile to your child. Comfort Kids can be embellished with buttons, laces, ribbons and what ever your imagination can come up with. Comfort Kids also can be made for babies and toddlers by painting on faces and hair with safe, non-toxic fabric paint. Always remember, safety first and keep in mind the age of the youngster that you are making a doll for.

Our Desire For Comfort Kids

The idea for Comfort Kids came to us and we wanted to design a bright, cheery doll to bring security and comfort to all children who have one. Our goal at Maw & Me Crafts and Such! is to try and get churches and other non-profit organizations making Comfort Kids for safe homes in their area. Children are being taken from their homes because of abuse or other reasons every day and placed in a safe home to protect them. Children are being placed temporarily in safe homes all over the US. They are often frightened, sometimes separated from parents and not feeling the security of their home and are in need of comfort. We believe that if safe houses could give each child a Comfort Kid for their very own as soon as they arrive, it could help a child through a difficult time. We want to encourage churches and other organizations that may be involved in funding and supporting these types of homes to start making Comfort Kids for children in need of comfort.

As you can see, it takes very little in the way of supplies to make one of these dolls and Maw & Me would like to help. If you will call or email us and tell us about your organization, we donate patterns and provide ideas to help your group get started. Let's get busy bringing comfort to as many children in need as we can.

Our shoppin' cart ain't quite ready yet, so if ya can't wait, email Maw to find how to order Comfort Kids now.

If you're interested in purchasing a Comfort Kids doll for display, we have a special deal for you. The Comfort Kids doll price varies depending on the number of patterns you purchase. Email Maw and she will tell you all about it.

What cha need to make Comfort Kids is:

  • 1/3 yard of Muslin.
  • Old Clothes or a Small amount of Fabric For Clothes.
  • Fabric Paint Black or Permanent Markers.
  • Polyfiber Fill Stuffing.
  • Curly Yarn for Hair.
  • Powder Blush.

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