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Mountain Mint Soap
Soap # 6-218MM

Retail price is $3.00   Buy 5 or more for only $2.50 each.   Wholesale pricing available.

Mountain Mint Soap Ingredients: Soap Basics and Peppermint Essential Oil.

Those government fellers over at the FDA won't let Maw make claims as to what her soap is good for but, Maw wants folks to look up the ingredients in herb books and such and learn for themselves what things are good for. Maw believes some of the old ways were truly the best and pure ways of doing some things. Maw says her soap lasts several times longer than that store bought fancy soap. Maw's right, it truly does last a long, long time.

Our shoppin' cart ain't quite ready yet, so if ya can't wait, email Maw to find how to order Mountain Mint Soap now.

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